I am an Associate Professor of Physics at Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon. I believe active learning environments are fundamental to effective science education. I lead a group of undergraduate research students in several fields of physics: atom cooling and trapping, pattern-forming nonlinear optics, slow- and fast-light, and the application of optical systems to quantum and classical information science.


My current projects run the gamut of optics, electronics, and computing. My research projects explore the interactions between light (i.e. lasers) and matter (e.g. individual atoms). My research group operates three laser systems, an atom trap, and a variety of experimental instruments. I make things and fix things. 3D printing and robotics are recent hobbies as well.

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I will be talking at the OMSI Science Pub in Hillsboro on Monday October 27, 2014. Come learn about Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation.

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Recent Papers:

  1. Brandon S. Harms, Blake E. Anthony, Noah T. Holte, Hunter A. Dassonville, and Andrew M.C. Dawes, `Multimode Quantum State Tomography Using Unbalanced Array Detection,' Phys. Rev. A 90, 053818 (2014).
  2. Marcus B. Kienlen, Noah T. Holte, Hunter A. Dassonville, Andrew M.C. Dawes, Kurt D. Iversen, Ryan M. McLaughlin, and Shannon K. Mayer, `Coherent blue light generation in rubidium vapor,' Am. J. Phy. 81, 442 (2013).

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